MARCH: Maternal Advocacy and Research for Community Health

What is MARCH?

Maternal Advocacy and Research for Community Health is an undergraduate student organization that is focused on addressing maternal and child health disparities, especially within BIPOC communities both locally and globally. We are comprised of 4 main committees: (1) Research & Education, (2) Community Engagement & Social Awareness, (3) Event Planning & Fundraising, (4) Social Media & Communications. MARCH at Tufts has partnered with The Okoa Project, an organization that trains community members to construct makeshift ambulance units that attach to any existing motorcycle and that sponsors STEM education for local youth, to support their Ghana project in research, fundraising, and advocacy. We are excited to serve as the first and only maternal and child health organization at the Tufts University undergraduate-level, as well as to connect our work to real-world causes and initiatives. 

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