Tyra Gravesande

Research Assistant

As a Research Assistant, Tyra Gravesande is thrilled to join the MOTHER Lab team and the Research and Grants Committee. Tyra began her career by concentrating on gaining a full grasp of feminist theory, women’s health inequities, and the interconnectedness of gender, race, and health. This served as a source of motivation for her throughout her career. As a result of her work, more people are able to critically examine healthcare policies by looking at them from the perspective of social justice and fairness. Tyra earned her Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Women’s Studies with a concentration in Women’s Health and Bioethics from Spelman College in May 2022. She is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Bioethics at Clarkson University as a master’s student. She was born and raised in Central New Jersey, where she currently resides.

She is proud to have participated in numerous professional development programs, including the “Summer 2022 Venture in Management” program at Harvard Business School and the “Career Prep Fellowship Program” at Management Leadership for Tomorrow. These experiences have refined her leadership and strategic thinking abilities, which will be indispensable for influencing positive change in reproductive rights policies. Tyra has demonstrated a strong commitment to advancing social impact and health equity throughout her career. She has served as a Social Impact Fellow at Aire Ventures, a Growth Manager for the femtech company “We are ONYX”, a Diversity and Health Equity Intern at the PAN Foundation, a member of the Women’s March Youth Cohort Committee Team, and the Director of Education for the non-profit social justice organization “For the Menstruator”. These experiences have enhanced her capacity to navigate complex environments and engage effectively with diverse stakeholders.

Tyra was the Spelman College President of the Transfer Student Association, a 2020-2022 In Our Own Voice HBCU Reproductive Justice Fellow, a Spelman College “Women of Excellence in Leadership Series” Scholar, a Spelman College Social Justice Associate, and an executive board member of the Ethel Waddell Githii Honors Program.

Among Tyra’s many accomplishments are her role in advancing the transformation of health equity through innovative strategies and her commitment to enhancing healthcare outcomes for women of color. Recently, she served as a Dr. MLK Jr. Social Justice Fellow through the Memorial Foundation, and she currently serves as a Health Policy and Legislative Affairs Fellowship Director and Vice Chair of Programmatic Affairs for the Student National Medical Association. In addition, she is a member of Advocates for Youth’s CommuniTEA, a National Youth HIV and AIDS Awareness Day Ambassador, and the Young Women of Color for Reproductive Justice Leadership Council. She is the Chapter President of the Central New Jersey Chapter of the Black Girl Social Club in her community.

Her ebullient and enterprising demeanor has allowed her to walk through many doors that were previously closed to her, and she will continue to test the boundaries of her capabilities to the fullest degree possible. Miss Gravesande will continue to assist her community and make it a more vibrant and hospitable environment.