Lena Solomon

Research Assistant

Lena Solomon is a senior at Simmons University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Public Health. She was born and raised in Cambridge, MA. Her research interests are in Maternal & Child Health and Epidemiology. She believes that to have a healthy society, we need to understand the social determinants of health and the socio-historical and environmental factors that affect people’s health. She has volunteered with The Family Van as a part of their Research and Advocacy team. As a volunteer, she was responsible for developing data for the Mobile Health Map. As a participant in the FACETS program, she worked under the mentorship of Dr. Winnie Yip and Dr. Bijetri Bose from the Department of Global Health and Population at the Harvard T.H. Chan School, to conduct a research project on Maternal and Child Health Disparities in India. The research explored the connection between maternal education and child immunization outcomes. In her free time, she enjoys baking and watching Netflix shows.