Book Chapters

  • Black Women and Resilience: Power, Perseverance, and Public Health
    Chapter 12 – The Color Line of Infertility:  Reproductive Disparities in Black Women
    Authors: Yoann Sophie Antoine, MPH, Blessing Lawrence, MPH, Shubhecchha Dhaurali, Beverly Udegbe, Lauren Cohen, Paige Feyock, Mildred Watson-Baylor, PhD, LPC, and Ndidiamaka N. Amutah-Onukagha, PhD, MPH

  • Black Women’s Reproductive Health and Sexuality: A Holistic Public Health Approach
    Part I: Reborn Not Reformed: Reimagining Research on Black Women’s Reproductive Health and Sexuality
    Chapter 4: Determinants of Chronic Stress and the Impact on Black Women’s Maternal and Reproductive Outcomes
    Authors: Blessing Chidiuto Lawrence, Rauta Aver Yakubu, Anna Kheyfets, Candace Stewart, Shubhecchha Dhaurali, Keri Carvalho, Siwaar Abouhala, Kobi V. Ajayi, Marwah Kiani, and Ndidiamaka Amutah-Onukagha