Shubecchha Dhaurali

Shubheccha Dhaurali

Research Assistant

Shubhecchha Dhaurali (pronounced Sue-betcha Dur-all-e) is from Medford, MA attending Tufts University as a first-generation student originally from Kathmandu, Nepal. Career and academic aspirations of Shubhecchha’s include pursuing an MD/PhD degree in Clinical and Translational Science to become a Physician Scientist involved with public and community health. Shubhecchha believes it is important that trained professionals such as doctors not only treat individual patients’ problems, but that they implement interventions and prevention programs that fight the root causes of disease such as poverty, inadequate housing, and lack of employment opportunities. Shubhecchha is double majoring in Community Health and Biology, therefore the intersectionality of medicine, technology, science, and society are exciting and necessary fields of exploration for her! As a South Asian minority and an immigrant woman of color, Shubhecchha feels it is important for her to become the representation she does not see in addressing, advocating, and one day, eradicating socioeconomic and health challenges BIPOC populations face.