What Sparked Our Interest in Maternal Health?

Leah Franklin, Sereena Jivraj, Eimaan Anwar, & Mansi Rana   Maternal health – birthing, delivery, prenatal health, and postpartum health – is a broad and complex field. There are many parts that encompass maternal health, and we all have our own experiences that have shaped our interests in the matter. Whether we ourselves gave birth, orContinue reading “What Sparked Our Interest in Maternal Health?”

Maternal Health Professional Pipeline

The Need for a Maternal Health Professional Pipeline to Reduce Health Disparities   Mansi Rana, Sereena Jivraj, Leah Franklin, & Eimaan Anwar  Discussing maternal health within the United States without addressing the experiences of Black birthing people is a large reason why severe racial birthing outcome disparities continue to prevail. Black infants are two times moreContinue reading “Maternal Health Professional Pipeline”