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The Marketing, Communications, and Events Committee is focused on disseminating the most up-to-date information regarding MOTHER Lab and Black maternal health. We aim to inform and educate our followers on our research and activities as well as provide opportunities to learn more about the current status of Black maternal health in the United States. We are dedicated to creating an inclusive space for all to learn and engage with MOTHER Lab and are committed to building a supportive and informed community. This committee works to organize maternal health  advocacy and policies stemming from MOTHER Lab’s research and collaboration, as well as to update the public on current Black maternal healthcare policies. Through the use of various social media platforms and a cohesive website, members of this committee collaborate with MOTHER Lab’s own Research and Grants and Community and Engagement committees, as well as pioneers of Black maternal health equities to promote current events, lab insight, and spread the profound education and mission of working to improve maternal health nationally. 

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