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Update and maintain the Maternal Outcomes for Transitional Health Equity Research (MOTHER) Lab central website and all social media platforms with integral lab insights, research, and events in collaboration with adjoining committees, and promoting Black maternal health equity policies to the public through these modes. 


The Marketing, Communications, and Events Committee is focused on disseminating the most up-to-date information regarding MOTHER Lab and Black maternal health. We aim to inform and educate our followers on our research and activities as well as provide opportunities to learn more about the current status of Black maternal health in the United States. We are dedicated to creating an inclusive space for all to learn and engage with MOTHER Lab and are committed to building a supportive and informed community. 

The Marketing, Communication, and Events Committee works to organize maternal health  advocacy and policies stemming from MOTHER Lab’s research and collaboration, as well as to update the public on current Black maternal healthcare policies. Through the use of various social media platforms and a cohesive website, members of this committee collaborate with MOTHER Lab’s own Research and Grants and Community and Engagement committees, as well as pioneers of Black maternal health equities to promote current events, lab insight, and spread the profound education and mission of working to improve maternal health nationally. 


Shubhecchha Dhaurali

Shubhecchha Dhaurali (pronounced Sue-betcha Dur-all-e) is from Medford, MA attending Tufts University as a first-generation student originally from Kathmandu, Nepal. Career and academic aspirations of Shubhecchha’s include pursuing an MD/PhD degree in Clinical and Translational Science to become a Physician Scientist involved with public and community health. Shubhecchha believes it is important that trained professionals such as doctors not only treat individual patients’ problems, but that they implement interventions and prevention programs that fight the root causes of disease such as poverty, inadequate housing, and lack of employment opportunities. Shubhecchha is double majoring in Community Health and Biology, therefore the intersectionality of medicine, technology, science, and society are exciting and necessary fields of exploration for her! As a South Asian minority and an immigrant woman of color, Shubhecchha feels it is important for her to become the representation she does not see in addressing, advocating, and one day, eradicating socioeconomic and health challenges BIPOC populations face

Paige Feyock

Paige Feyock is a rising junior at Wellesley College double majoring in Sociology and Africana Studies on the pre-medicine track. At Wellesley, she is involved in the Lambda Upsilon chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., serves as Vice President of Ethos, Wellesley’s organization for Students of African Descent, and is Treasurer of Tau Zeta Epsilon, an arts and music society. Paige’s post-graduate plans include obtaining a Masters in Public Health and then matriculating into medical school and specializing in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Her passions lie within health equity and reproductive justice and actively advocates for better health outcomes for Black people in the current medical system. She is currently interning at NextGen Jane, a data-driven healthcare company known for inventing a smart tampon system that offers insight into individual’s reproductive health systems. In her free time she enjoys making playlists and pursuing Netflix. 


Kelechi Offor

Kelechi Offor is a senior at Tufts University majoring in Biopsychology, and a first year MPH candidate at Tufts Medical School with a concentration in Behavioral Science and Health Communication. She is originally from Nigeria, but currently lives in Atlanta, GA. Passionate about helping marginalized and underserved populations, especially Black women, Kelechi aspires to pursue an MPH and become an OB/GYN to implement effective ways to improve Black maternal mortality rates. She is a firm believer in ensuring that the mothers within a community are healthy because if the mothers are not healthy then the community is not healthy.

On campus, Kelechi is co-president of Tufts’ African Student Organization, co-captain of Tufts’ African dance team, Children of Cultures of Africa (COCOA), a mentor for Strong Women, and was a research intern in Dr. Sasha Fleary’s Child Health Equity Lab that aims to understand risk and protective factors for preventive health and mental well-being for children. This summer, Kelechi has been able to intern at a national and global non-profit, Birthing Projects USA, committed to providing and distributing PPE and safe birth kits to Black women affected by COVID-19.

Kelechi is extremely excited to gain real-world maternal health research experience in the MOTHER Lab and join this team of passionate individuals. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, watching movies, and spending time with family and friends.

Brenna Miller

Brenna Miller is an MPH Candidate at Tufts University School of Medicine and holds a BS in Psychology from Clemson University. Throughout her undergraduate career, she focused extensively on clinical research in the mental health field, starting with the RI State Government Internship Program examining recidivism rates among inmates with mental illness and continuing on the investigate the effect of neurofeedback training on adolescent behavioral disorders. Her primary project was with the ARC (Autism Research at Clemson) Lab, in which she investigated media representations of persons with autism spectrum disorders. After working with Planned Parenthood as a Research Coordinator intern, she became inspired by the maternal and child health field and has since continued to volunteer as a Patient Advocate and to educate and advocate for women’s health care and rights. Her ultimate goal is to use clinical research to help inform reproductive health policy and eliminate inequities within the field. Her dream career is one that combines her clinical passions with her love for social justice work so she can help change the world. Brenna is expected to graduate Spring 2021. In her free time you might find her cruising around Boston on her e-bike.

Beverly Udegbe

Beverly Udegbeis a current undergraduate student at Tufts University majoring in Community Health on the Pre-Medical track. Her main academic interests include learning about health disparities, specifically amongst the Black population with emphasis on Black women and low-income communities. She is additionally focused on promoting civic engagement by closely working with organizations on community projects. At Tufts, some of Beverly’s favorite involvements are her leadership role as Public Relations Chair for the African Student Organization, her membership in the Tisch Scholars for Civic Life program: which focuses on hands-on community fieldwork combined with class seminars addressing social justice issues, and her role as a stepper on Envy Tufts Ladies Step Team. Outside of Tufts, Beverly is a volunteer with the Resilient Sisterhood Project: an organization dedicated to educating Black women on illnesses that affect them at disproportionately high rate, a mentor through the College Ambassadorship Program at The Student Science Innovation Network, and a Content Curator for the Global MILCC Box which provides Community Leaders with resources and a toolbox for success. Beverly is also a proud first generation Nigerian American and values all the unique aspects that make up her culture. In her limited spare time, Beverly loves to try out new baking and cooking recipes, even when they turn out a flop. She also loves to stay active outdoors, swimming, and has a newfound love for yoga. In the future, she hopes to travel around the world learning about new cultures. Beverly is extremely grateful to be a part of the MOTHER lab and excited to have an impact on changing the narrative when it comes to maternal health.

Melissa Wu

Melissa Wu holds a BS in Human Biology from the University of California, San Diego and is a MPH candidate at Tufts University School of Medicine, where she is expected to graduate Spring 2021. Prior to attending Tufts, her work with her surrounding community in San Diego, CA involved helping women navigate childbirth as a volunteer birth doula with UCSD and mentoring marginalized youth at Stand Up for Kids, which have greatly shaped her vision to advance maternal and child health and advocate for health equity. She strongly believes healthy women and children are the fundamental blocks to building healthy families and communities. She has extensive research experience in clinical and basic science research, and is excited to extend her passion for discovery and community work with the vibrant MOTHER Lab family. At Tufts, she is the graduate research assistant for the Tufts Public Health and Community Medicine Diversity, Equity, and Anti-Racism Council to promote educational programming and initiatives that are both mindful of and responsive to the diverse voices and experiences of the greater institutional community. In her free time, she enjoys consuming (too much) coffee, curating music playlists, hiking, and embroidery.

Divine Ogieva 

Divine Ogieva is a sophomore at Tufts University and she plans to double major in Sociology and Africana Studies.  She is a first-generation Nigerian  and a proud New Yorker. She is passionate about reproductive health and health disparities, specifically amongst Black women and low-income communities.

At Tufts, she is the co-communications chair for Black Student Union, Social/Interactive Media Intern for the Africana Center, a member of MARCH: Maternal Advocacy and Research for Community Health, and a Health Careers fellow.

By working with Dr. Amutah-Onukagha, she hopes to bring more awareness to issues regarding Black maternal health and actively participate in the movement to eliminate these health disparities.

Former Members

Inricka Liburd

Inricka Liburd is a bright third year Direct Entry Nursing student in the Women’s Health and Adult Primary Care track at the MGH Institute for Health Professions. She is passionate about maternal health disparities, and looks forward to a career in Midwifery. In 2009, Inricka was awarded the Posse Full-Tuition Scholarship and attended Hamilton College, where she began her journey to becoming a health care provider. As a person who appreciates the big picture, Inricka took a non-traditional approach to clinical experience, and deliberately obtained positions that allowed her to understand health care from an administrative perspective.  She has spent time as a Program Coordinator for the Infant Follow-Up Program at Boston Children’s Hospital, and a Patient Services Coordinator and Accounts Receivable Assistant at Fenway Health. After recently experiencing the magic of childbirth, Inricka is eager to guide other women through one of life’s greatest transitions. She was awarded a scholarship from Accompany Doula Care to become a DONA certified Doula, and looks forward to providing support to families on Medicaid. Inricka strongly believes health is wealth, and advocates for daily self-care. She loves yoga, morning walks, and soaking in sunshine whenever she can.

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