Writing Committees & Working Groups

M.O.T.H.E.R. Lab’s mission, vision, and goals are progressed through research in various formats and upcoming publications. These papers in progress are developed through individual Writing Committees.

Abortion Advocacy Group

This group has the singular focus in preserving the right to an abortion. Using infographics and the most up-to-date research, this group is committed to educating the public and policy makers on abortion.

Racism as a Public Health Crisis

Our committee is conducting research on national and state level legislation concerning maternal health, with a focus on racism and health equity. The abstract has been accepted for a special Frontiers research topic, “Racism as a Public Health Crisis”. The committee is co-chaired by Keri Carvalho and Anna Kheyfets. The committee includes Pegah Maleki, Brenna Miller, Siwaar Abouhala, and Eimaan Anwar.  The final paper was published in Frontiers in Public Health on October 21, 2021.

Resilience: Black Women and Public Health – Book Chapter

“The Color Line of Infertility: Reproductive Disparities in Black Women”

This ad hoc writing committee is a distinctive group of professionals and students who are
passionate about addressing disparities in maternal health. This committee uses its cultural and
professional diversity to identify and examine such inequities. As such, the committee is developing a chapter titled “The Color Line of Infertility: Reproductive Disparities in Black Women” for the book, Resilience: Black Women and Public Health.

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